Tell Mom The Babysitter Makes Movie-Killers Dead in The Sleepover

Hot off a streak of festival screenings (including Fantastic Fest) that culminated in the winning of Lionsgate and Vimeo's Cabin In The Woods short film competition, Chris Cullari's satirical stab at the residential routines of movie serial killer communities, The Sleepover, is now available online in all its bloody and funny glory.Conceived as a proof-of-concept for a feature, the five-minute short economically establishes a set of fun ideas that betray a larger scope. I'm particularly reminded of some of the ideas Scott Glosserman ruminated on in Q&As for his terrific Behind the Mask: Rise of Leslie Vernon, when considering where he would take a sequel (I recall his vision at the time was of a '21 Jump Street for Final Girls"), so I'm pretty excited...
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