“Game Changers” Part 3: Camera And Lighting

In this third part of the series about the production of the low-budget indie movie Game Changers, filmmakers Rob Imbs (director) and Benjamin Eckstein (cinematographer) discuss shooting with the Sony Pmw-F3, shooting in S-Log, lighting issues, and the lenses used to shoot the movie.

Filmmaker: Ben, you already owned the Sony Pmw-F3, was the decision simply to use the camera you had?

Eckstein: I’ve been fortunate that I own almost all the gear that I use on a day-to-day basis. From the beginning when talking to Rob, it was not really a discussion of “Are you trying to get the Alexa or whatever?” I think if I still owned the Panasonic Ag-AF100 we probably would have shot it on that, and that would have been fine, but now I have a different camera, so that’s what we use.

We rented a couple of things, but for the most
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