Dangerous Liaisons | Review

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Same Old Song: Jin-Ho Adapts Latest Version of Overproduced Classic

It seems there are some tales we can just never get enough of. While mainstream cinema endlessly remakes itself, super hero franchises rebooted, often more than once in the same decade, the art house crowd has its predilection for familiarity as well. If it’s not another adaptation of Shakespeare’s something or other, there’s a plethora of other canonical texts that cross multicultural barriers, and one of those happens to be Pierre Choderlos de Laclos’ 18th century novel, Dangerous Liaisons, which has just been remade as a co-production between China and Singapore, helmed by Hur Jin-Ho, the award winning Chinese-South Korean director of Christmas In August (1998). Several definitive versions from several countries already exist, and here we have this lurid tale of mind games and sexual manipulation transported to 1931 Shanghai. While this is certainly one lavishly mounted production,
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