Top Gun Sequel is Dead

Before his death, director Tony Scott was working with Tom Cruise, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and writer Christopher McQuarrie on a "Top Gun" sequel. Paramount Pictures was excited about the project and everything was seemingly going smoothly. But then Scott took his own life, shocking his fans, friends and family members. NY Times is now reporting that "Top Gun 2" has fallen apart. The studio is so worried about looking insensitive or exploitative, that it has not only killed the sequel, but is worried about re-releasing a 3D version of the original film, despite the fact that Scott gave Paramount his blessing. At the same time, the studio wants to pay tribute to the late director, which is why the 3D re-release of "Top Gun" is still set to hit theaters in February. It's not clear how everything will work out, but it seems that if any of these projects were to stay alive,
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