Blu Review: Star Wars: The Clone Wars - the Complete Season Four

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Star Wars fans are a fickle bunch. Some choose to believe only the original trilogy is to be taken seriously. Others are willing to accept all six of the films in the live-action series and that's all. I belong to the last group I'm about to talk about.

The faction I belong to will devour anything Lucas and company delivers in regards to a "Galaxy Far, Far Away." We're happy to get anything that expands the universe we love so much. Individuals who fall into this category but don't have the luxury of cable, satellite television, or high speed internet connections can now celebrate in the news that Lucasfilm and Warner Bros. released Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Complete Season Four on Bu-ray and DVD.

Season Four of the show features the Jedi and Clone troopers continuing their tireless campaign to help different alien species fight for freedom against Battle Droids,
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