Special Features - The Top Ten Movie Presidents

Jake Wardle selects his top ten movie presidents...

As the Us of A nears the end of a near 2-year election campaign, they face a choice, an enormous, historic choice, between the charismatic, compassionate Barack Obama and the Tyrell Corporation’s most sophisticated android, Willard Mitt Romney. The polls point to a close result, but whoever prevails, they face a tough task – historic levels of Government debt, an unstable Middle-East, and the very real possibility of a hostile alien invasion. Still, if movies have taught us anything about American Presidents, it’s that they’re uniquely equipped to deal with the latter. Here then, to celebrate the 57th election for the President of the United States, are ten of the best movie presidents:

10. Jack Stanton (John Travolta) – Primary Colours

Buoyed by John Travolta’s terrific performance, ‘Charismatic Southern Governor’ Jack Stanton, a thinly veiled version of Bill Clinton, is a truly memorable screen president,
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