Exclusive: Screenwriter John Gatins Talks Flight

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Exclusive: Screenwriter John Gatins Talks Flight
Screenwriter John Gatins Talks Flight, in theaters today, Friday, November 2nd

John Gatins has had a long and storied career in Hollywood, working as both an actor and a screenwriter. He began by appearing in low budget horror movies like Pumpkinhead 2 and Leprechaun 3. It was here, while waiting for his close-up on set, that he began to pour over the scripts and learn there structure, becoming a self-taught scribe who suddenly found himself doing rewrites for Varsity Blues. He then soon moved onto a career in sports themed projects, stepping behind the keyboard for Summer Catch, Hardball, and Coach Carter.

This lead to his directorial debut, the 2005 film Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story, starring Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning. During this time, he was also working away on a very personal script, one that he had decide to write for himself, outside of the studio system. Despite being pulled to other projects,
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