Star Wars: Disney cheated George Lucas? Samuel L. Jackson thinks so

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If Samuel L. Jackson wants to reprise his "Star Wars" role, he may want to stop talking to the paparazzi. The "Clone Wars" star surely didn't make any friends at Disney when he said George Lucas "got cheated" in his $4 billion dollar deal to sell Lucasfilm to Walt Disney Pictures.

Jackson was speaking to a TMZ camera when he made the bold claim. The paparazzo argued, "That's a lot of money," to which Sam replied, "It's not a lot of money to some people."

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Disney announced a deal to acquire Lucasfilm and the "Star Wars" franchise, keeping Lucas on as a creative consultant for "Episode 7" and future sequels.

A few billion dollars is nothing to sneeze at. And since Lucas has said if the deal goes through, he'll give the bulk of the profit to charity, did
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