Person of Interest 2.05 Recap: Reese Avoids Becoming the Story

“Okay Finch, how am I supposed to save a woman who wants to put me on the front page?”

That’s the problem facing Finch and Reese this week as the Machine points them to an investigative reporter caught up in a number of dangerous potential scandals including the mysterious Hr organization, and the just as mysterious man in the suit story. That’s right, Person of Interest is reminding us all that Finch and Reese are both supposed to be dead men so maybe they should be a smidge more careful when protecting their charges.

The first big event in "Bury the Lede" is the massive bust facing Hr when over 75 police officers are taken in by the FBI, lead by Agent Donnelly, on corruption charges among a long list of other offenses in many cases. Fusco gets his first big story that goes outside of being Reese's lackey
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