"Survivor" Recap: The Un-Blairable Lightness of Being

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Oh, yes. Sweet yes. Survivor jumped to the merge this week, brought together a heap of disagreeable, aloof players, and forced them into a prickly, weird-ass tribal council that left everyone looking pretty stupid. This? This is my heaven. Wednesday's episode was undoubtedly the most entertaining of the season, and I'm not just saying that because one of my least favorite people was banished (along with her cream-colored pantsuit from an abandoned Talbot's outlet). It wasn't just that. But it was a lot that.

Plus, plenty our favorite players kept being great. And a couple of beleaguered contestants outsmarted some heavy-hitters and earned our respect. Let's reinspect the episode's greatest hits.

Can I still be gay and marry the hell out of Denise?

The hardest-working, hardest-losing contestant on Survivor maneuvered her sinew in a winning fashion this week, destroying her competitors in an immunity challenge that amounted to the following
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