Girl Walk // All Day | Review

Dance Dance Revelation: Krupnick’s Own Jubilant Mashup

In 2010, the one man remix act Girl Talk released his latest mashup record, All Day, in which he draws from the entire back catalog of pop music, from The Rolling Stones to Lil’ Wayne, patching bits and pieces from whatever fits to craft fully formed, completely danceable tracks, disregarding countless copyright infringements along the way. Girl Walk // All Day is director Jacob Krupnick’s full length feature/extended music video that uses All Day as a musical backdrop. Much like the musical concoctions that set the aural stage, the film is an amalgamation of vérité street performances, improvised dance segments, and choreographed numbers all (very) loosely woven around the story of The Girl (Anne Marsen), The Gentleman (Dai Omiya) and The Creep (John Doyle).

Nimbly navigating the streets of New York with a myriad of spins, wispy arm movements and an ever present smile,
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