Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 8 sees an overextended Jax Teller

“Don’t worry. I don’t make mistakes. Not like you.” – Nero

The past eight episodes of Sons of Anarchy season 5 have had their fair share of turbulence. Reeling from the events in Season 4, we watched the club shift towards war with Pope. Then, Opie was taken from us and peace was made – if only temporarily. Showrunner Kurt Sutter gave us a chance to breath (funeral), laugh (Walter Goggins with boobs) and wince (Joel McHale as a gigolo and Gemma crashing the car with the Jax and Tara’s boys in tow).

Episode 5.8, “Ablation,” got the season back to the subtle and introspective character moments that made Sons of Anarchy a joy to watch throughout the years.

First, lets address the “shocking” cliffhanger at the end of 5.7. Abel survived the car crash with only a few scratches on his head. Phew. That was close. Sutter does love teasing death at the end of his episodes.
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