This Must Be the Place | Review

But I Guess I’m Already There: Why is Sorrentino’s Strange, Offbeat English Language Debut…?

The promising combination of Italian master Paolo Sorrentino’s English language debut toplined by American acting icon Sean Penn as an aging Goth musician turned Nazi hunter seems too deliriously good to be true. And, as a cohesively entertaining film, that’s mostly true. One only has to look at the film’s marketing campaign to see how buzz about the film has been ratcheted solely by use of Penn’s costume inspiring visage, resembling a plucked scarecrow recycled for one too many harvests. This is the blessing and the curse of Sorrentino’s bizarre exercise, This Must Be The Place, thus named after the Talking Heads tune, a film that manages to give us a humorous and amusing performance from Penn, who dominates every frame, but resists blending successfully with the rest of the narrative.
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