'Star Wars Episode VII' Plot: What Will The New Film Be About (And Who Will Direct It)?

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News that Disney purchased Lucasfilm would have been a big enough story on its own, but the additional announcement that “Star Wars Episode VII” is already slated for a 2015 release date made this a huge deal with an immediate positive outcome (well, at least we hope it's positive). The past thirteen years have been dark and cloudy for a lot of fans, and while another trilogy could in fact be a new hope for us all, there is a fairness to any skepticism regarding this sudden development. However, there is sort of an ironic twist to Disney being the company to take over the property. While it isn't out of left field given that Disney theme parks have featured “Star Wars” attractions, events and merchandise for 25 years now, the Mouse House seems to be the most agreeable of buyers given what we've seen them do previously with their acquisitions of The Muppets,
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