Movie Marathon V - Halloween

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Luke Owen takes in a Halloween movie marathon...

With 3 of our last 4 marathons being centred around horror movies, you’d think we’d move onto something else. But, with October being the month of Halloween (and a good way to end of my countdown special), it felt only right to tackle “The Shape” and his murderous rampage in Halloween.

Being that fellow founding member Jon had an appointment with the TV repair man at 2pm and I had a gig in the evening, we decided to pull our first all-nighter marathon since the inaugural marathon meeting. Loaded with snacks, ales and energy drinks, we were ready to go...

19:45 – Halloween

After ordering food, we began to watch a film that would start a trend that would swamp the 1980s horror scene. John Carpenter’s Halloween is a fantastic movie with brilliant pacing, genuine threat and fairly decent performances.
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