Ben Huh: His Favorite LOLcat, a Look Into the 'LOLWork' Office and Watch the Premiere Now

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If you've ever been on the Internet and seen a funny picture of a cat with a caption on it, it probably came from I Can Has Cheezburger.

The site is run by Ben Huh and it features tons of lolcats--pictures of mostly cats and other animals that have humorous captions. Huh bought the site in 2007 with an investor group and runs day-to-day operations of the site as CEO. The Cheezburger franchise consists of more than 50 other sites, including Fail Blog, and combined, all of the sites see more than 375 million page views a month.

Bravo is premiering a new show called LOLWork that actually shows what it's like to work at Cheezburger. Just like everybody else--they have lots of meetings, but in theirs, they talk about funny cat pictures.
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