Eli Roth Heading into Uncharted Territory for Cannibal Tale The Green Inferno

Some of the adventure in the field of movie making means bringing things to the screen that no one has ever seen before. Sort of like what the character of Carl Denham had in mind with King Kong. That being said, consider Eli Roth another adventurer!

Roth recently told Movieline that he’s taking a small crew to a remote village up the Amazon River that has “no electricity, no running water, nothing.” For the privilege of filming in this unseen territory, “We’re giving these people a boat," says Roth. "They have no contact with the outside world and we’re giving them a motorboat and we’re giving them medical supplies and school supplies so they’re ecstatic. The one thing they need is a boat. They were like, ‘This will literally change our lives’.”

Given that these folks had never seen a movie before, Roth arranged a screening for them of.
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