Action Stars & Beer Commercials

Action stars and cold beers go together like Tango and Cash or Turner and Hooch, and just to prove it Jean Claude Van Damme has been sending himself up in the latest Coors Light ad campaign. With this in mind, Thn thought it may be pertinent to delve into the archives for other beer-guzzling celebrity advertisements.

There are certainly plenty of them out there.

Bruce Willis

Ah, who wouldn’t want to be Bruce Willis? Just hanging out with your macho friends and supping a refreshing Seagrams. And oh yeah, using the bottle as a microphone to sing a cheesy blues song? Dum de de dum dum, woke up this morning. Dum de de dum dum, thought I would make a fool of myself. That’s being harsh, though. We can forgive Bruce for singing on the porch, for serenading a scruffy, rough looking dog. We could even forgive him for (*cough* *cough*) Hudson Hawk.
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