Kim Kardashian displays her breasts for Halloween - trick or treat!

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Looks like Kim Kardashian is all set for Halloween this year, guys. The Facebook page for On the Air with Ryan Seacrest posted the above photo with the caption: "Kim Kardashian went Halloween costume shopping over the weekend -- do we like this furry one piece, Yes/No?"

Well, what say you, Pop2it readers? In the comments below the Facebook post, there were lots of "no" votes, we counted several "trashy"s and one person who writes, "Looks like something a stripper would wear." There was one guy who says, "I would like to make her purrrrrrrr." So, there's that if things don't work out with Kanye.

Someone also posts, "Her boobs look uncomfortable."

Yes. Won't someone think of the boobs? Also, seriously, we are kind of shocked there is no aureola showing.
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