Worth Watching: Stellar Original Sketch/Clip Pitch Video for 'Looper'

One of the recent trends we've started seeing over the past few months has been filmmakers releasing the pitch videos they show to sell their projects to studios online for fans to see. Joe Carnahan has done it twice now (with Daredevil and Gemini Man), Kevin Tancharoen made one for The Hunger Games, and we even saw one for a new take on Halloween. Rian Johnson's awesome time travel film Looper is one the best original science fiction ideas to come through Hollywood in a long time, and on its Tumblr page, Johnson released his own pitch video using footage from other movies to show off the tone he was hoping to achieve. Here's the original promo pitch reel for Rian Johnson's Looper, posted in high def on Rian's Vimeo: It's always interesting to me to see how close these early designs are to the final product, and in this case,
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