DVD Review: We Are The Night

We Are The Night

Stars: Karoline Herfurth, Nina Hoss, Jennifer Ulrich, Anna Fischer, Max Riemelt | Written by Dennis Gansel, Jan Berger | Directed by Dennis Gansel

Filmed in 2010 and often billed as female version of The Lost Boys, We Are The Night is a German take on the vampire legend that follows Lena, a small time crook who, on the run from the cops, attracts the attention of Louise, a nightclub owner and leader of a trio of sexy female vampires that also includes a party girl, DJ Nora and former 1920s silent film star Charlotte…

When she unknowingly picks the pocket of a man one night on the streets of Berlin, small-time crook Lena attracts the unwanted attention of Inspector Tom Serner, a young police detective involved in ongoing investigations into Lena’s victim, a known Russian mobster. Although she manages to escape Tom’s clutches, Lena’s personal situation
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