Microsoft’s Philosophy on Windows 8: Go Hard or Go Home!

According to Forbes, Microsoft’s current CEO Steve Ballmer is looking to put all of his eggs in one basket when it comes to the release of their new operating system Windows 8, which is due to be released this month (October 26th). It’s reported that Microsoft will spend nearly $2 billion dollars (estimated between $1.5 – 1.8 billion) on their marketing campaign for the new software. In Las Vegas casino gambling terms, you would certainly define this strategy as “All in!”

Microsoft have been the veterans of personal computing for 30 years now and had always been the go-to company leading the way in technological development, however with the rapid changes in the market with companies such as Apple and Google emerging and a shift towards more tablet based computing instead of your classic PC hard drive and Monitor setup, things have certainly changed since the days of Bill Gates and Windows 95.

But Ballmer
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