It’s Like You’re Always Stuck In Second ‘Gears Of War’

Well, not more much longer hopefully, as the oft mentioned but yet to be realised computer game adaptation may be having another go at making the leap to the big screen. Gears Of War is a billion dollar franchise for the X-Box console, and is also one of the only games since the N64 that I have actually played. It sees a world taken over by The Locust Horde and humanities last attempt at destroying the pesky buggers.

Gears Of War was with New Line since 2007 but they decided to focus most of their efforts on Peter Jackson’s upcoming The Hobbit. With the project in turnaround, Gears Of War is now looking for a new home. Creative Artists Agency, the guys that rep Epic Games; the lovely folk behind Gears Of War, are looking to start discussions with producers soon. The latest screenwriter to join the project is Stuart Beattie,
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