Joe Carnahan's pitch reel for the now dead Gemini Man

  • TheMovieBit
I first heard of Gemini Man well over a decade ago, at that point Mel Gibson was attached to the Jerry Bruckhiemer action thriller about an aging assassin targeted for elimination by his younger clone. It was a really cool concept that instantly grabbed me, but unfortunately it has been in and out of Development Hell since it was first announced. But now Disney, who've been trying to get the movie off the ground for years now, have officially let the project die, more than likely brought on by the the mega success of Looper, with which it shares many similarities. But now we have a glimpse of what could have been, thanks to The Grey and Smokin Aces director Joe Carnahan (who, with this and his Daredevil sizzle reel, seems to really like letting the public know about his failed projects) who posted his pitch for the movie on twitter.
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