Strangers On A Train Blu-Ray Review

In the vast library of Alfred Hitchcock films rests a thriller unlike any other. To this day Strangers on a Train remains one of the creepiest and well-shot Hitchcock films ever made, yet it rarely gets brought up in conversation. Warner Bros. is planning to change that with this newly released Blu-Ray that looks downright gorgeous in black-and-white and comes loaded with bonus content, including the final version of the film and a preview version that runs a little longer and shows you what a rougher cut of the film looks like.

Guy Haines (Farley Granger) and Bruno Antony (Robert Walker) collide innocently on a train ride. They chat up simple subjects over drinks and smokes, but eventually the conversation takes a turn for the creepy when Bruno jokingly mentions wanting to kill his father. Guy, not wanting to be rude, makes a remark about wanting his wife dead, so
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