TV on Tap: Trevor Donovan Returns to "90210" and One More Angle on the Titanic

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I see Teddy in the back! That means 90210 giving him some screentime, right? Right?


Despite all the gay characters on television, is the legacy of Will & Grace that gay men are limited to the role of Wills or Jack, in both TV portrayals and how we expect each other to behave? The "Will" and "Jack" stereotype is an issue, but I think the picture is rosier. We have a good number of shows where two gay men are full parts of the cast and in a relationship with another regular (as opposed to the short story arcs that counted as most of Will Truman's love life). That might not be as much progress as we'd like, but I definitely think we've moved forward.

NBC has ordered a mini-series from Brothers & Sisters creator Jon Robin Baitz. The Slap is based on an award-winning eight-episode Australian series about the aftershocks after
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