"Supernatural" Recap: There's Something About Kevin

Hey folks, Mabel here, filling in for Vini B who normally does AfterElton’s Supernatural recaps. She’ll be back on duty next week.

The show kicks off with Dean’s return from purgatory. He appears in the woods in a flash of light and crashes in on a teenage couple’s camping trip. Either he’s covered in blood and ectoplasm or he’s stumbled into their pot of baked beans.

He steals their knapsack – which they really should have had tied up in a tree so bears couldn’t get to it. Then he finds the road and hitches a ride, all to the tune to some seventies angsty Styx song.

After the travel montage he winds up in another part of the forest digging a hole in the ground. He unearths a dessicated skeleton and then rolls up his sleeve to reveal a nasty glowing red bump on his forearm.
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