Mark Sanchez Girlfriend Eva Longoria Hears Jokes from Friends About Relationship

Mark Sanchez's new girlfriend Eva Longoria is taking a bit of good natured ribbing from friends due to her new romance with the much younger New York Jets quarterback. While Sanchez is on the hot seat on the field for a recent poor performance, Eva's friends are joking with her not about about Mark's Qb play, but his young age. Friends have joked Eva has a thing for younger men. The 37-year-old actress' marriage to Tony Parker, 30, ended in divorce, her relationship with Eduardo Cruz, 10 years her junior fizzled out after 16 months and after Eva revealed she is now dating 25-year-old football player Mark Sanchez, her pal George Lopez made a quip about her dating younger men. He said: ''The one thing I appreciate about Eva is that, no matter what grade a dude is in, she doesn't discriminate on who she's dating.'' George also revealed Eva is
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