Do We Really Need Paranormal Paparazzi? Early Impressions

Director: Scott Preston. Cast: Dave B. Mitchell, Julie Alexandria and Rachel Fine. Travel Channel's "Paranormal Paparazzi" is one of those reality shows that an enthusiast of this pseudo-reality genre has to dread. The negative connotation of the latter P word only further blurs the line between what is fictional news and what are factual accounts of real incidents worth exploring. True to this series’ name, it takes citizen journalism to a whole new level and it can very easily pull focus on only one specific side of the paranormal reality television sub-culture and throw everything else out the window. Some clips are interesting to watch, like those showing how the legendary Mothman can also be spotted in other States besides West Virginia, but in terms of chasing down random people for a quote, that is unneeded. At the same time, viewers have to ask why the Mothman has left his West Virginia home.
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