Hellbenders | Review

Hath No Fury: Petty’s Latest a 3D Misfire

Serving as a glaringly obvious example of the degradation of the horror genre via raunchy slapstick is J.T. Petty’s latest effort, the dismal, dull and doltish Hellbenders. Petty, an up and coming talent over the past several years, having cut his teeth on horror sequels and showing promise as a sort of poor man’s Ti West, here provides us with a regression of talent, ridiculously employing the use of 3D technology and only showing us that it’s simply a gimmick that merely masks the lack of substance on screen.

A down and out group of Catholic priests known as the Hellbound Saints of Brooklyn Parish specialize in exorcism and live like nasty, dirty fratboys in a house of extreme squalor and debauchery. Led by an extremely foulmouthed and dysfunctional Father Angus (Clancy Brown), the group abides by engaging
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