Perception Exclusive: Eric McCormack Sheds "Light" on Daniel Pierce, Season 1 Finale

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Part one of the two-part Perception finale threw the show for a loop, revealing Pierce's breakdown before a surprising last minute twist. Will the doctor get the medical help he needs? Is there really more to the conspiracy?

To get fans excited for the second part, "Light," I spoke with Eric McCormack over the phone about the season-ender and what it's like playing a character quite unlike Will & Grace's Will Truman?

How does he handle all of the rapid fire dialogue, for example?

"Very carefully," the actor said. "With Will & Grace it was about the comedy. In this case, it's about making the science clear but also making it believable that this is a man that is the smartest guy in the room. That's what's the most fun. Especially with speeches like that, the really lengthy scientific ones, I just think 'Wow, for a half an hour, I get to
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