Exclusive: John Romita Jr On Kick-ass, Daredevil And Captain America

The 10,000-Hour Rule - the school of thought which specifies that it takes 10,000 hours of practice at a specific task to become a master. That roughly breaks down to 10 yrs of practice, If you're practicing part-time. John Romita Jr. has been an artist at Marvel Comics for 35 yrs. Over the course of those years, there's been some great runs at Marvel- Frank Miller on Daredevil, Chris Claremont on X-Men, Jms on Spider-Man to name a few and guess who was supplying the art on these titles? These days, John brings his distinctive style to Kick-Ass and Hit Girl with Mark Millar and the Avengers vs X-Men series which wraps this October. In the near future, you'll receive more JRJr art in Captain America, where he and Rick Remender take over the series this November as part of MarvelNOW! Recently, John was gracious enough to
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