Nicolas Cage To Scream ‘I Am Wrath’ For Friedkin Thriller!

There is often nothing better than an unhinged Nicolas Cage (check out his Bad Lieutenant, if you haven’t already). While we recently announced the Face/Off star was set for indie drama Joe with director David Gordon Green it seems another intriguing role will come first.

Cage is set to headline the legendary William Friedkin’s forthcoming film I Am Wrath, a vigilante/revenge-themed thriller that will see the Oscar-winner dishing out his own brand of justice after the murder of his wife and subsequent botched police investigation.

Despite countless ‘man-on-a-mission’ flicks in recent years, Death Sentence, Law Abiding Citizen, even Cage’s tepid Justice, to name a few, as well as future projects such as Joe Carnahan’s Death Wish remake or Albert HughesMotor City, I’m always a one for a great one of these efforts in this sub-genre, if done right… and heaps of violence!
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