Enter Ramzi Abed's Telephone World

In the world of experimental filmmaking, one name keeps popping up: indie auteur Ramzi Abed. Today Ramzi dropped us a line about yet another new project he's working on, Telephone World, which the writer/director describes as both intense and quite special.


"People die. People get hurt. Life is always on the line."

It’s been a long time since a film has played with the notion of reality so much while also crafting an emotionally riveting suspense film, but that is exactly what Ramzi Abed’s newest feature film, Telephone World, is made to do.

Telephone World tells the story of Rachel Plasky (Elissa Dowling), who finds out she got the lead part in a new TV show called "Fairfax Girls". The main body of the film is shot in one continuous 80-minute shot. All of the action happens in one single take with real phone calls and answering messages occurring in real-time.
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