Because we all love Todd Sampson

As a fan of the T-shirt wearing, Gruen Planet-appearing, Leo Burnett-running adland legend that is Todd Sampson, Dr Mumbo is surprised that this has taken so long.

He receives word of a new artistic work from a company called The Living Room Theatre due to make its debut in March next year.

The name of the play? I Love Todd Sampson.

Creator Michelle St Anne tells Dr Mumbo: “I Love Todd Sampson engages almost 50 really passionate artists across disciplines of sound, light, film, visual arts, performance and for the first time architecture – what is architecturally created is extraordinary adding a disturbing subtext to the performance experience.”

She explains the plot thus:

“During horrific events in her childhood, Laura she taught herself to dissociate. Unable to cope with the everyday she found ‘friends’ each of whom have been manifested from paintings, furniture and walls.

“The problem is these days adult
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