Britney Vs. Christina: Who Will You Be Watching?

How about we just throw American Idol into the mix too, shall we? The Voice is back for a third (yes, third) straight night for its season three premiere while The X Factor makes its first return for the season on Fox. Christina Aguilera pitted against Britney Spears. Man, does it feel like 1999 or what? The two aren't frenemies, but when the ratings come in Thursday morning that could turn into just another memory.

We aren't sure what's more odd. The fact that Carson Daly (their Trl buddy) and the four mentors (ahem, NBC) decided to go for a third or the fact that Simon Cowell didn't think of the idea himself. The Voice being on at the same time may make a difference in viewership, but something tells us The X Factor will be just fine. Come on now. Britney Spears on live television? Ratings gold.

But who will you watch?
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