Review: Baba Yaga (Blu-ray)

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Europe had a steady release of odd horror/sex films in the 1970′s, and lesbian vampires were everywhere, with titles such as The Blood Spattered Bride from Spain and The Vampire Lovers from Hammer in England. Italy jumped into the fray with their own spin, only the main “monster” was a witch.

Baba Yaga is based on the Italian comic strip Valentina by Guido Crepax, which inspired a series of short films before this feature was produced in 1973. Valentina (Isabelle de Funès) is a fashion photographer who meets the mysterious Baba Yaga (Carroll Baker) one night. The two continue to meet, under more and more odd circumstances, and soon the two strike up a strange “friendship”.

For a film with a reputation for being so sexually provocative, it is fairly tame by today’s standards. In context, it is easy to see how the film’s lesbian S&M moments would be shocking.
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