Cameras roll on ABC and HBO collaboration Serangoon Road

The ABC and HBO Asia have collaborated on a new series Serangoon Road to feature a string of Australian actors Don Hany, Maeve Dermody, Rachael Blake and Michael Dorman.

The series is created by Paul Barron and his Peter Andrikidis and Tony Tilse will direct the 10×1 hour series produced by Great Western Entertainment and Singapore’s Infinite Studios.

As well as the ABC and HBO Asia, ScreenWest and international distributors Conten Media Corporation are finance partners.

Cameras have begun to roll in Singapore.

The announcement:

In a major collaboration between ABC TV and HBO Asia the cameras are currently rolling in Singapore on Serangoon Road, an Australia/Singapore prime-time drama co-production.

The co-production companies participating in this 10 x 1hr series are Perth’s Great Western Entertainment and Singapore’s Infinite Studios. The financing partners include ScreenWest, ABC TV and ABC Commercial, HBO Asia and international distributors Content Media Corporation.

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