Rewind TV: Dallas; A Mother's Son; Accused; The Thick of It – review

As ubersoap Dallas made an unapologetic return, BBC2's Accused beat ITV1's A Mother's Son to the serious drama prize – though the week's real winner was the Paralympics

Dallas (C5) | Demand 5

A Mother's Son (ITV1) | ITV Player

Accused (BBC1) | iPlayer

The Thick of It (BBC2) | iPlayer

Paralympic Games (C4) | 4Od

How treacherously quickly do 21 years pass. Dallas, it said on the schedules, was coming on again, and nice, I thought, and silly, and wondered idly how bonkers it would be, and how long it had been off our screens, maybe a decade or so, and then read it had been 21 years, and stopped breathing for a bit. As Tony Hancock would have said, that's practically half a lifetime. Never mind where Dallas went, where did my life go? What have I been doing?

The bad news – I've just phoned various exes, churches, the police, etc – is that we can't go back.
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