Full Specs For They Live Blu-Ray Revealed!

Scream Factory (Shout Factory’s new horror banner) is on a roll! We’ve got Halloween II and Halloween III: Season Of The Witch arriving on Sept. 18th and now, John Carpenter’s classic They Live will arrive on November 6th, ironically enough election day! Below are the final specs which boasts a whole load of brand new special features.

- Audio Commentary with Writer/Director John Carpenter and Actor Roddy Piper

- Independent Thoughts – An interview with Writer/Director John Carpenter (New)

- Man vs. Aliens – An interview with Actor Keith David (New)

- Woman of Mystery – An interview with Actress Meg Foster (New)

- Watch, Look, Listen: The Sights & Sounds of “They Live” – A look at the visual style, stunts and music from the film with Director of Photography Gary B. Kibbe, Stunt Coordinator Jeff Imada, and Co-Composer Alan Howarth (New)

- 2012 Cast Reunion Q&A with Roddy Piper,
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