Inside Tiff 2012 Day 3: A Connection is Made

9:00 pm - Before round two of avant-garde shorts as my nightcap, I hit up two Wavelengths features, differently, Molussia and The Lebanese Rocket Society. The former is by Nicolas Rey (not a typo, also the other guy’s dead), and is a rigorous, shag carpet confrontation of tyranny, technique, and machines. For one thing, it is at least noteworthy for its bold formalist stroke that ensures that every audience will have a unique experience with it: comprised of nine 16mm reels, the order in which the reels are projected is randomly chosen by the projectionist using a kind of lottery system. As if to underline the non-narrativity of it, that the film could still work in the 362,000+ possible configurations is an indication of what you’re in for (a few in the audience at my Ago Jackman Hall screening were clearly frustrated, perhaps even provoked by the 9 different title
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