Directed by: Ron Fricke & Mark Magidson


Running Time: 1 hr 34 mins

Rating: PG-13

Release Date: Sept 7, 2012 (Chicago)

Plot: A series of visual sequences captured around the world that express universal themes of life and death.

Who’S It For? If you like massive films, and are open to the idea of filmed sequences not having a narrative, then Samsara is an eye-opening treat for you. If you wished someone would use the scope of something like The Dark Knight Rises towards documenting real wonder, here’s Samsara.


When alien historians saunter down to our planet to clean up after 2017′s World War Oops, we’d better hope that they uncover Samsara when writing their research books on Earth culture. With no immediate parallel but to its predecessors Baraka and Chronos, it is a film that best condenses the diversity and simultaneous universality of existence on our planet, all
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