Movie Review - A Night in the Woods (2011)

A Night in the Woods, 2011.

Directed by Richard Parry.

Starring Scoot McNairy, Anna Skellern and Andrew Hawley.


A Night in the Woods follows three friends, Brody, his girlfriend Kerry and her cousin Leo, as they go camping in Dartmoor's Wistman Woods. Bad moods, paranoia and sexual tension all threaten to overpower the group's fragile hold on reality as the darkness in the woods takes hold...

So just exactly where does a homage end and a rip-off begin? The audience of A Night in the Woods, a British horror/thriller deeply indebted to 1999's hugely influential The Blair Witch Project, may well find themselves asking this very question. Billed as a UK answer to Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez's seminal chiller and the more recent Paranormal Activity series, this uninspired run through the trees does not compare well with those vastly superior titles.

Following the camping exploits of a
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