It’s Time to Start Deciphering This Year’s Fantastic Fest Genre Icons

In 14 days, the Film School Rejects team will pack their bags and move into the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX for a yearly ritual known as Fantastic Fest. Anyone who’s been reading us over the years knows that there’s not another film festival that we cover with such gusto. Is it because we have a deep love for genre films, the best of all that is weird, scary and intense? Perhaps. It may also have something to do with our addiction to the Soylent Green-esque cooking oil they use to fry up those chicken strips. It’s so good, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had some people in it. Anyway, before this gets weird, lets get to the point. Every year the programmers of Fantastic Fest release new “Content Icons” that are representative of the genres and films that will be seen in this year’s line-ups. Like
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