TV Review: Louie 3.10, “Late Show Part 1″

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Considering the rising success Louis C.K. has seen in the last few years, largely due to his Diy work ethic in Louie as well as the waves he made regarding the self distribution of his last few stand-up specials, “Late Show Part 1” is a much harder sell than the similarly autobiographical Louie segment, “Oh, Louie”, in which C.K.’s troubles with network executives in developing an honest and authentic family sitcom were depicted. The dissonance felt in “Late Show Part 1” results from the fact that both Jay Leno and a fictional CBS chairman, excellently played with an apt combination of sleaze and cunning by Gary Marshall, characterize Louie’s appearance as lead guest on The Tonight Show as the big break for which he’s been waiting his entire career. Marshall even goes so far as to say the comedian, “peaked five years ago.” This
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