Pax Prime 2012: Pax Day One In Pictures

I survived day one of my first Pax and all I have to show for it are some game previews, impressions, interviews, and a handful of photos. And I had a great time!

Some friends warned me that given the size of Pax and the tininess of the Washington State Conventions Center, Friday might be a little bit of a challenge to a first-timer, but I have to say the healthy amount of attendees were well behaved, at no point did I get smacked in the face with a replica sword, and the mood was pretty enthusiastic (spoilers: people like games).

After the jump, I've got a brief rundown of my first day along with photos from the show floor but check back throughout the weekend for full posts about the games and panels

Time Out! with Super Time Force Trailer! from Capy! on Vimeo.

First, I got some hands-on
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