Breaking Bad for beginners

Catch up on the best American drama series you've never seen

It has netted numerous awards and nearly 3 million viewers tuned in to the first episode of series five when it aired in the Us in July, but until yesterday, box sets or piracy were your only options if you live in the UK and wanted to keep up with this underviewed gem of a show. Series four is now available on streaming service Netflix, bypassing traditional broadcasting entirely. This may be no bad thing. The first series was aired on FX, where it managed consolidated ratings of a mere 120,000 viewers, and was dropped. Series two was aired in a dead-of-night time-slot on 5Usa over Christmas in 2009, and with no warning – they could not have buried it in a deeper hole. Series three and four have never been shown by a UK broadcaster. Here's why this is wrong.


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