The Possession | Review

The Jewish Exorcist: Bornedal Dips Back into English Language for Derivative Genre Effort

Danish master Ole Bornedal already has a finicky history with the Us film industry, having the distinction of directing the remake of his own successful first film, Nightwatch (1994) to disappointing effect in 1997. Since then, he has made several unique titles in his native language, including the excellent 2007 film, Just Another Love Story. After a 2009 Straw Dogs-ish effort, Deliver Us From Evil, Bornedal announced plans for a couple English speaking projects, the first being a collaboration with Sam Raimi as producer, which ended up being The Possession. Unfortunately, Bornedal’s final product is derivative, predictable and unforgivably mediocre, despite a concerted effort that heroically strong-arms us into going along with it until devolving quickly into utter ridiculousness.

Opening with the now yawn inducing and cynically expected title cards announcing the “true” nature of this story that documents a
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