Titanic Band Gaellic Storm in St. Louis September 5th, Five Days Before Blu-ray release

Gaelic Storm is a Celtic band. Their music includes traditional Irish music, Scottish music, and original tunes in both the Celtic and Celtic rock genres. And we’ve all seen them perform! That’s right, Gaelic Storm was the band in the 1997 James Cameron blockbuster Titanic that got Kate and Leo dancing in the steerage performing “An Irish Party in Third Class”. That was them !!! This catapulted Gaelic Storm into touring, where they were met with extreme success and popularity.

We’ve got some great news for fans of Titanic and St. Louis fans of Gaelic Storm. First, Titanic will finally be released on Blu-ray September 10th and will contain over 6 Hours of Special Features with 58 minutes of Never Before Seen Footage . The new high definition digital transfer of the feature is spread over two discs to get the highest possible picture and sound quality.

For St. Louis fans who
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