Before Watchmen – Minutemen #2 Comic Review

Comic: Minutemen #3

Written By: Darwyn Cooke

Pencils By: Darwyn Cooke

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: Out Now In Stores & Digital Download (Via Comixology)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Minutemen continues at its leisurely pace crossing between the sixties, where Hollis Mason is having issues publishing his tell all book and the forties where the team of crime fighters are beginning to realise that their masked crusades aren’t the feel good jaunts they started out as.

This issue actually holds a couple of really good progressions. The first is the fall out of the Comedian’s attempted rape of Silk Spectre. The Minutemen have to decide how to deal with this awful situation and a decision is made about Edward Blake’s part in the Minutemen after what he did. This scene is played well, thanks largely to Blake’s response to the decision. highlighting the team’s wider failings and
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